Saturday, 31 March 2012

Introducing: Faces in Motion

Dear Readers,

I would like to introduce you to Faces in Motion, a new series on Dramedies of a Londoner that will promote and celebrate the creative achievements of emerging entrepreneurs in music and art, fashion and beauty, literature and education, and all manner of business.

There is a new day dawning, a keeness birthing in our generation, a spirit of tenacity in the pursuit of the dreams that won't let go of us...and through this space, I hope to give a hand up to emerging changemakers  by way of publicity. These are the faces that are making waves in their spheres of influence; those who make the list of 'the-ones-to-watch' for their verve, zeal and creativity in one field or the other. The motion.

Faces in Motion will bring you intimate interviews with the faces behind the businesses, take you into the vision behind their mission, and give you sneak previews that will titillate your expectation of their next projection.

It will not be an exclusive 'London ting', for in these times the internet and social media have resoundingly shattered our understanding of geographical and spatial boundaries and made global citizens of us all. And in that vein, Faces in Motion will be open to all regardless of location.

Dramedies of a Londoner has seen myriad posts - my experiences as a Ghanaian woman living in Londonamusing travel stories, scenes of familiarity and comfort on home turf ,  reviews of films and interesting cultural happenings in the capital, and much more. But with Faces in Motion comes another direction for the blog which I hope will be as exciting in print as it appears in my head (in glowing technicolor, no less. The appearance in my head, I mean.)

Please spread the word and get in touch if you - or someone you know - fit(s) the bill. And look out for the first interview published in a few days!

Now I'm already in the choir for this sermon. I hope you will be too.

Thank you as always for reading.


patrick aboagye said...

about time!!! when will u come and interview? lol

Cy said...

This will be excellent, Davie. I already know it.

Victor said...

Nice! bigger and greater things dawning. Me gye wo di tu ;)

Davida said...

Thank you, my league of extraordinary gentlemen! I hope to do it justice.