Tuesday, 8 March 2011

She is WOMAN

In many parts of the Western world injustice towards women have been corrected, yet tragically, there are still cultures where women continue to suffer terrible treatment. Many debates, seminars and workshops have focused attention on the portrayal of women in film, television and various aspects of the media. A peculiar insistence on sex typing has tended to dominate discussions on issues affecting women, to such an extent that critics of female images in the media have shown concern not so much for the number of women as how they are covered.

It's a vastly discussed area, the issue of the treatment of women across the globe, one that many might even dismiss as a load of feminist tosh. It is undeniable though, that a long history of mistreatment of women has oft left feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness. But the time has come to revive the precious gift of being a woman, for God does not make junk.

So as the world marks another International Women's Day today, I say to the women in my life, and beyond: be the woman you were intended to be - bold, courageous, confident, respected, admired, promoted, sought after, and loved!

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