Sunday, 9 January 2011

One Day

One day when I die
I'll want to have lived a full life;
To have known true contentment
And eaten of life's sweet pie
Even in the midst of strife

I'll want to have loved with all my heart
And thrown my arms wide open in embrace
To experience love's young dream
And know he and I are always a team

I'll want to have had shoulders so wide
That all my friends know
By my side they can cry
When for them comes the tide

I'll want to have taken a large bite
of the Big Apple
And tasted mussels from Brussels;
To see the sun disappear in a golden haze
behind Mount Kenya
And discover more of the world without hustle

I'll want to have lived a life worthy of God
And not have hidden my light in a pod;
To have spread my wings afar
That people may see me
And give praise to my Pa

But because I know not the day
I shall not waste today,
And while the sun shines
I will make hay


N-ya said...

:-) Beautiful. Don't know why; but '... mussels in Brussels' is stuck in my head. smh (literally :-)

Davida 'Dava' W. Vanderpuije said...

...since I read your comment it's been rolling around in my head too..:)

Obibini (The Black One) said...

u've already talked about going to Brussels and say it wont be fun. i bet it is fate. or?