Saturday, 18 December 2010

Dropping dignity in the snow

I've always thought a bit of the white stuff on Christmas Day would add a beautiful, fluffy pizazz to the day. And why not? On Christmas Day, everything is shut. There is no access to public transport, the shops are closed, and the frenzied activities of the days and weeks in the build-up to the day itself finally reaches a climax as you spend it with loved ones. It is then, and only then, that snow would be attractive to me.For it is a cheap thrill to gaze upon the pure whiteness outside from the cosy warmth of the inside.

But when London decides to take on Scotland in the snow stakes on an ordinary day, it drags with it huge problems. Huge, slippery problems. Arctic temperatures sweep the city, major delays and closures cause travel misery, and every step on thin ice is a health hazard. A death trap, if you will.

Take yesterday, for example. As I made my way gingerly along the snow-filled pavement, I had my heart in my mouth. Gone was the soft, relatively safer, fresh snow, leaving in its place the hardened icy bits that can make you skid and land ungracefully on your bottom. And that's the least of your problems - what about the mere possibility that the fall could make you break your teeth or some other bones..? That's why I become a tortoise of a girl on such walks.

But even I couldn't have predicted what happened next. As I rounded a corner, I experienced a moment of pure and detached calm. I saw a girl let out a blood-curdling scream as she skid and gripped the shoulders of a man passing by her for support. The startled man attempted steadying her, but it was too late, as within a moment, her bottom connected with the icy pavement. Hard. As pain shot through her, I realised the girl That fake sense of calm must have presented itself at that moment to serve as insulation against the real pain.

No broken bones, thank God. Just a sore, battered ego. But how I wish it would only snow on days when nothing would take me out of the house anyway! If wishes were horses huh..? So if you see someone foraging blindly in the snow, it'll be me looking for the dignity I dropped when I fell.


Victus said...

You`ve cracked me up this morning!!!!

Davida 'Dava' W. Vanderpuije said...

I've had a good laugh over the whole thing as well

Etoile Oye said...

Points and laughs :P