Monday, 27 September 2010

'Hello, may I corrupt you?'

As chat-up lines went, you had had many laughs reading them all. And you thought your usual conversations with guys you had just met went along somewhat predictable lines...that is until he walked up to you and declared that he had noticed something 'good and pure' about you, and had the primal urge to corrupt that. You wondered fleetingly if you should be miffed that he came up to you because of some elusive 'light from within', and not exactly for your considerable charm and womanly wiles, or if you should applaud him for his honesty, or laugh out loud at his rather unorthodox approach.

In the end you opted for a bemused smile that returned the slightly challenging look in his eyes, because you were stumped and not sure of what to say. He seemed pleased that he had rendered you momentarily speechless, because you didn't look like the sort of girl who was often at a loss for words. When you finally found your voice, you went with that second thought which had popped into your head when he first delivered his pièce de résistance, which was about how shockingly honest he had been. You wondered out loud why you would want to know a person who had clearly stated that they wanted to get to know you so that they would be in a better position to 'corrupt' you. And in an attempt at defence, he said he was only trying to be 'original', and that he had not meant what he'd said. You gave him a look and said that the first reaction was usually the truest.

You knew it was certainly the oddest line to be used on you. Much later you reflected on what made someone 'good', and wondered if it was something that could be listed or if it was a more abstract concept. You always aspired to do good, but the reality was often different. Sometimes you had selective amnesia and chose to forget what you needed to remember. Sometimes you had sight, but without vision, and you saw but chose to ignore. And other times you blocked your heart to the things around you which you could do something about but shrugged your shoulders at, preferring instead to leave it for the proverbial 'someone else.' And the saying, 'be the change you want to see' sometimes went through one ear and out the other. The list was endless...

Oh, you were never going to be in line for a canonization! But you hoped that whatever good was in you was an outflow of the goodness of God in your life.

But you had to hand it to him -even though he'd initially got your goat because of his cocky attitude, you knew this was one conversation you were not going to forget in a hurry. And then you just had to laugh, for what are chat-up lines if they are not original, however warped a package they come in?

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Akosua said...

just shows you what the "real" world can be like, the insidious corruption of morality... if you allow it! Thank God you are seeking balance in life. Hold onto your faith gal!