Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Good girls and whores - one guy's take

Conversation overhead between two guys:
Guy 1: Oh man, last night was craaa-zy!
Guy 2: Oh yeah? What happened?
Guy 1: Some house party, innit. And there were these girls, they looked liked they was high on somethin'.
Guy 2: Like what?
Guy 1: Dunno man, but they was runnin' around the room takin' their clothes off like they was some professional strippers innit..
Guy 2: Oh shee-it.
Guy 1: Yeah bruv, dem girls made that par-ey (party) hot UP!
Guy 2: Damn you lucky arsehole..
Guy 1: I know, innit? Nah man, but I ain't lookin' for girls like that. I'm looking for a nice African girl...

Rather than sit there and fume as their conversation went on, I interrupted. (Because I've decided that I love the look on strangers' faces when you ask them a question challenging something you'd heard whilst 'eavesdropping' on their conversation. It can range anywhere between annoyance and admiration. Although really, on this occasion they were being so loud my ears would have had to have a steel girdle through them to NOT hear.) And this was hardly the stuff of mundane chitchat about the weather.

Anyway, they were only too happy to expound. And this is what Guy 1 said, rather solemnly I might add. As though he needed to speak in his sincerest tone so I could finally grasp the message and from there dispatch it to all womankind:

Every guy, no matter what they say, likes a whore. What's more, there's a whore in every 'good' girl. The difference between a good girl and a whore is that the first girl has special moments when the whore in her comes out, and the second girl is a slut pretty much all the time. Whores make a partay, you know what I'm saying! (This said with a lecherous leer) And good girls...well they pray for the souls of dem whores hahahaaa (laughs uproariously at this) . But it doesn't even matter in the end who's a 'good' girl and who's a whore...cus one is in the other and vice versa. At the end of the day, guys don't really wanna marry a whore...
(Warming up to his subject) I went out with a good girl once back in the day. Man, she broke my heart. One kiss and she run scared, saying I was a temptation she didn't want (looking pleased at being considered 'a temptation'). YOU look like a nice African girl. (Guy 2 nods his agreement). Maybe you could hook me up with some of your friends...

Guy 2 was equally forthcoming with his views. He nodded his head vigorously at what his friend was saying, and delivered a sycophantic, 'Yeah, man' to every point he felt a mere movement of the head wouldn't do justice to.

Not your normal everyday conversation in the underground. And though I haven't put it all in words, the very generous Guy 1 said more, while I listened with rapt attention. Sometimes I got the impression he said something just to be deliberately controversial, and to goad an overly emotional response from me. No such luck, for one thing I've realised is that you learn more simply by listening.

So, to file this conversation under 'food for thought' or 'fuel for fire'?


etoile Oye said...

just file under interlude... these guys have all sorts of theories...

Davida 'Dava' Linkinjinks said...

Don't they rather? But it makes you wonder just how many share that view..