Tuesday, 18 May 2010

When a routine visit to the doctor turns into Jason Wilde’s photography exhibition

I always thank God that I am one of those patients who rarely goes in to see the doctor. So much so that occasionally, I'll be called to go for a routine check-up - you know, so they can see that I'm not a 'ghost patient', that in fact I'm still very much alive.

Last Friday was one of those days. Except after walking out of the doctor's consulting room, I was accosted by a photographer. Okay this sort of stuff does not happen at my surgery, so I was curious...and the rest, they say, is history.

Alors Miss Davida is one of the Faces of Contemporary English Society. But yikes the pictures are so serious! That was Jason's take on it - neutral, serious, unsmiling.
Except for two smiley ones :)


Victus said...

I don`t get it. You step out and a photographer approaches??? hhhhmmmm you are just too HOT...Can we be filled in on the details of what happen with the shots? Face of Contemporary English ampa!!!

Davida 'Dava' Linkinjinks said...

Yeah, he was asking people to participate in his project, which in the nutshell, is documenting the different faces of contemporary England.

But yes, we can go with the whole me=hot=being'discovered'=about to hit the runway as a model thing too. Got no complaints with that :)