Thursday, 5 February 2009

WEDS 22 OCTOBER 08 - 'Lights, camera...Concert!!'

I have enjoyed today very much. I met some more exchange students. I was going home after classes, but my friend Maria invited me to some other extracurricular class, and I decided to tag along. It's not like I had anything planned. Well tag along is a wrong word to use. It turns out it was a class for people who play musical instruments, so I told Maria that I would come and cheer her on. She plays the trumpet, and her friend plays the guitar.

How was I to know that the instructor would insist that my voice was my instrument, and that I should audition right there and then?! My protestations that I'd only come to enjoy people play their instruments fell on deaf ears, and soon I found myself standing by the piano, while the man asked me what my voice tone was.
'Er..I don't know, really,' I answered. He asked if I knew any jazz songs, and I gave him a don't-be-too-ambitious-I-only-came-to-listen-to-people-play-their-instrument-and-not-to-sing look, which I'm sure he understood. By then Maria was the one cheering me on! Easy for her, she didn't actually have her trumpet there.

And wouldn't you know that at that point all songs just did a vanishing act in my mind. I couldn't remember a single song, until finally, groping desperately for one, I remembered - of all songs - Silent Night. This was after the first girl had sung a really nice French song, so Silent Night drew me some stares.
'It's almost Christmas!' I said hotly, even though nobody had actually objected to my singing it. I mean I could hardly burst into 'Awurade Kasa' (Speak, Lord), since this man was already at the piano waiting to accompany me! And even though I've sang a countless times in front of people, it felt like a real audition, like it was my career or something, and everything depended on it, even though at the back of my mind I knew I could've made my excuses and left. By this point, I wanted to sing, but would my nerves allow me? I sounded very shaky to my own ears, but I made it through the auditions, so now I'm a member of this great group of musicians. Well I don't know yet if I want to be a member, but it looks like a great group - guitar, clarinet, conga?(not sure there) piano, drums and another instrument which I did not quite catch the name of, and of course, the singers.
There's supposed to be a big concert at the end of the year for which there'll be rehearsals.
We'll see. Me. In a concert...


Akua said...

AHH! I love the way you write I could read you for hours.. What happened to you and the group? How did your final performance go?

Davida 'Dava' Linkinjinks said...

I couldn't hack all the French Jazz numbers so I gave it up. But I did go to the final performance to cheer my friend (not the trumpet-playing one, she'd quit too) on.